Love the integration of nature and seating. Advertisements

Whew! 7-legged furniture is not the easiest to find! Vladamir Kagan‘s avant garde work “Serpentine Sofa” will do! Kagan was an American designer who just passed away one year ago, on April 7. It’s been a great 7 years, with plenty more to sit on. Thank you for reading! Image from Wright Architectural Fragments, Inc

I’m painting this one. The more I sand, the more fast-food it looks. 

NeedĀ furniture to match your PC? Microsoft had the vision of ‘a computer on every desk’. And now, it is with great pride that they reach for the stars of ‘a designer chair at every desk’.

“Popular in the seventies, forgotten in the eighties.” Back at Mooi Muff in the Hague, Netherlands, I spotted these stools that looked like creatures from ’70s sci-fi. They areĀ Casalino Stools by Alexeander Begge, for Casala. Glossy, quizzical, biomorphic, and stacking. This is the only furniture line Begge ever designed. Remakes are available here, but I […]