January 25, 2015

Who’s Henry?

Why, he’s my favorite chair I’ve ever owned. And I am stumped on his origins.

I found Henry (or he found me?) at a second hand shop for next to nothing, and I’m convinced he has a noble heritage.

He’s unique in design and in construction. Such a low-sitting cantilever; and 1 1/4″ diameter tubes. (For comparison, my Mart Stam cantilever has a 1″ diameter tube I see everywhere; sounds like a small delta, but it’s quite noticeable.) The tubes are pinched and folded behind the back of the chair, hiding any fasteners. A solid wood frame is supported from beneath by a cross beam hand-welded to the vertical sections of the tubes. The chair must weigh 40 pounds but is well-balanced with a perfect cantilevered bounce as you recline.

With all these mid-century modern elements exaggerated and placed next to thick-stuffed slab upholstery, I’m guessing this is a postmodern design, custom built, perhaps for a Seattle home in the ’80s or early ’90s. But who knows, my readers are quite the sleuths and might find out more than I can, like with my Roger Tallon stools.


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Contemporary, Found, Postmodern, Tube Steel