…dumped couches is breaking news.

“You could furnish a house by driving around Seattle,” said Joan James, a neighbor.” Oh wait, that was a complaint.

Seattle’s King 5 news just posted an article on what big problems Seattle has with furniture abandoned on sidewalks. First world problem?

Dumped furniture is what I love about Seattle. Friends who’ve moved here from other states, in the ’80s or the 2010s, always tell me that Seattle is special because ‘if you don’t have a couch, you can just drive around until you find one on the sidewalk.” In my personal experience, finding the beauty in an abandoned chair has helped me develop—as a furniture nut, and as someone who places value on creative solutions over retail-priced ones.

I hope Seattle doesn’t grow out of this wonderful, sometimes painful, idiosyncrasy of sidewalk furniture.

See King 5 article and video.

Screen Capture 2015-12-23 at 9.01.11 AM.png

King 5 News, Seattle



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