For’s 5th birthday, I googled ‘ 5-legged stool’. Was surprised to find a couple decent examples. I particularly liked this “Tiptoe Stool” from Danish architect/furniture designer Martin Vallin. It only uses 3-of-5 legs at a time, so you can tip, reposition, and enjoy. Those are the essential ingredients of long-term sitting. [Plus their action […]

I’m sad to report that Arabica Lounge is closing its doors for good on February 15. The owner, Jojo, has curated an excellent collection of seating, tables, and lighting. All are for sale at reasonable prices. These Emeco Navy bar stools are timeless – in fashion and indestructible material. They’ll find a good home. Jojo […]

Why, he’s my favorite chair I’ve ever owned. And I am stumped on his origins. I found Henry (or he found me?) at a second hand shop for next to nothing, and I’m convinced he has a noble heritage. He’s unique in design and in construction. Such a low-sitting cantilever; and 1 1/4″ diameter tubes. (For comparison, […]

Just the sights in my alleyway, this morning. Well-loved seats on their way to the dump, coloring the street for a short moment, like fall leaves. I guess the ‘no dumping mattresses’ sign needs amended.