The word ‘REBEL’ has filled this gallery’s window since I first visited the Hague in 2008. Its slab-serif typeface gives it a country western feel, but the glittery paint saves it with irony.

Rebel’s closed door has always kept me apart from it’s rich collection of furniture inside the gallery, so I took the opportunity to knock the first time I found it ajar.

Tom is the gallery owner. He uses the space to retail designer furniture he finds people throwing away (yeah, we hit it off). He had these words to say: “I find these things people want to throw away because they don’t find them valuable. But they are valuable.
Materials are limited and it’s not uncommon there are some we can’t afford. We have to recycle. It’s the future.”

More info at, as well a price for this lovely set of Eames-style shell chairs.






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Dutch, Mid-Century Modern