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UPDATE: Patricia at Hansen Belyea, thank you for giving due credit to Weber Thompson—your upstairs neighbors—for the seating selection.

And the award for best corporate outdoor seating in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood goes, not to Amazon, but to [UPDATE: Weber Thompson &] Hansen Belyea’s offices just across the street. This bad-a** arrangement of Loll’s Emmet chair gets lots of praise.

A beautiful piece of seat. It’s as if Gerrit Rietveld’s Red Blue Chair  mated with a traditional Adirondack chair to produce these beautiful babies.

Meanwhile Amazon (below) gets negative points at their new building for these ridiculously sharp steel walled planters (which look as if they were designed to impale any visitors from Microsoft). They sandwich all the benches that no one will sit at because they’re terribly located and covered in skate stoppers. Can’t you Amazon guys hire a seating designer who can detract skate boarders without this ugly hardware? Imagine sliding off the bench and snagging one of those.


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  1. Thanks for the great photos and praise of Hansen Belyea. We can’t take credit for the great building, courtyard and outdoor seating. Weber Thompson is the architectural group that designed the LEED Gold edifice and our office interior.

    You can find Weber Thompson, our wonderful neighbors upstairs, on the second floor of Terry Thomas. (We did update Weber Thompson’s brand before they moved into their SLU home!)


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