And it’s a doozy!

April 1st marks one year, for StoolSampler, of spreading the good news about stools. And what’s more appropriate for that than a toilet posting?

Yes, today’s special anniversary post is about this mozzarella commode made by my good friend, Garrett. Garrett is the chef at very established Seattle shop where employees enrich themselves through the arts. Just the other day, his coworkers offered him some of the fresh mozzarella they were making, but as he had no plate or bowl, they pressed it into an irregular container for transport. When he plopped out the mould-formed cheese ball, the shape he saw reminded him of a toilet bowl, and he was so inspired that he sculpted the rest with an additional contribution of the cultured stuff.

Behold, Mozzarella Toilet with Blue Sugar and Clove—the stool of the year.


Join the conversation! 5 Comments

  1. Cultured indeed! At first I thought you had been digging through the closet and come up with an old rendition in modeling clay.

  2. BTW, is the handle a clove? Brilliant.

  3. It is indeed a clove. They have an overpowering scent.

  4. […] the same genius who brought you Mozzarella Toilet. It’s […]


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