Grim’s is a newish bar on Capitol Hill (formerly Grey’s) with seating inspired by the same Victorian, industrial, mechanical devices that Tim Burton popularized.

Wonderful textures inside, but their signature piece—these swinging stools—were trouble.

The stools are hinged to rotate around the table legs. I saw a girl swinging back and forth on one, so I asked her what she thought. “I don’t like them,” she said. “I keep hitting my knee on the truss under the table. One night some drunk is going to think his seat is where it isn’t, fall on his ass, and I’m gonna laugh, and he’s gonna sue this place.” That response beat the two-word awkwardness I usually get in return.

Next I asked the waitress. “They’re terrible. They swing out into the aisles and people trip on them.” And of course, the owner/designer is an architect.

I applaud the effort, Grim’s, but you shouldn’t let your metal smith run wild without consulting the StoolSampler.

If you visit, grab a seat in the much cozier upstairs den. And get a double-order of the prosciutto crostini.


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