Uneeda Burger in Fremont will give you cause to take a seat. After eating their BBQ burger earlier tonight, I don’t think I’ll be doing much moving about anytime soon.

Great seating, indoors and out. The patio is sure to be a hit this summer for this new diner in Ballard, with its casual picnic tables and benches. Inside, there’s a wealth of bare steel for your haunches—stools with tops that spin higher and lower; (overly) ornamented chairs that mimic Xavier Pauchard’s Marais A Chair which has resurfaced in lots of restaurants these past two years. All were solid and hefty so you could work up an appetite just shuffling them around.

Great place to meet friends for a $4 designer burger from the same chef of Quinn’s and Zoe notoriety.


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  1. […] Isn’t the real thing better than its imitation? […]

  2. […] I found the source for the cool barstools used at Uneeda Burger. […]


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