Why is kids’ furniture the coolest?! You can guess what section of the IKEA showroom I like most.

These 1970s chairs were made by Israeli company Polyziv from recycled plastics. I wish I would have snagged them from the Goodwill in Centralia, Washington.

A similar design for adults, I saw these cafe chairs all over Berlin in 2008 (green).


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  1. I just bought one at our local Savers thrift store yesterday! Nice hard plastic! I couldn’t pass it up because it was made so solid! Mine is blue. I think I paid $3 for mine. So this was from the 1970s?

    • Clai: Nice find! I can’t retrace the info I had on their years of manufacturing. I’ve written to folks at both Polyziv and Plasgad (their new parent company). I’ll pass on what I hear.

      Thanks for reading,

      The Stool Sampler

  2. Hi, I have about 40 of these in blue (sun faded-used) if your interested.

  3. I am looking for 12 of these chairs in red, seat height 14-15″

  4. i need a quotation for 1,000 of the 14″ send me email to ortizc525@hotmail.com


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