October 13, 2010

Look for the Label

I captured this Maui Armchair using my iPhone. At least that’s how I talked my girlfriend into letting me bring it home.

We were walking through the Goodwill and both had a negative reaction to this seat’s alien-meets-egg-whisk form. It looked awful with some other chair’s cream colored seat pad. But I had a hunch it had some heritage, so I flipped it over and found a Kartell designer label.

The label made it easy to find online, next to a whopping $400 retail price tag. She was shaking her head when I rolled it over to her, but one look at my phone and she knew it was coming home with us.

Marked $8, but green tag items were half-off, that day. So I paid 1% of retail.

Functionally: Light and easy to scoot around. I like that the legs don’t spin, so the wheels can do the work without anything hitting your feet.

Too short for the average 28-30″ high desk. The seat is only about 16″ off the ground, which feels a world apart from the standard 18″ seat height of a task chair. I guess that’s why this is labeled an ‘armchair’, and the adjustable-height version is the ‘task chair’. I usually don’t want the wheels on anything but a task chair, so I’d only get this for use at a short desk.


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