Deck chairs are sighted less than Bigfoot in Washington State. There’s only one month of summer, and most tans are found indoors. That’s why I was so pleased to find these stunning examples of mid-century design while picking up a Craigslist couch in Lake Forrest Park. The 1950s house they belonged to was just as cool, with it’s trim done in the same color as these chairs. Very nice.

My favorite thing about these is the profile. The shape that runs down the side is split in two where the chair back folds up. When folded down, I imagine it’d look whole, and something like the side of a ’59 Cadillac Eldorado. Since deck chairs are used in many angles, it’s quite a statement to make the elevated seat back split from the flattened chair, rather than make two distinct parts connected by hinges.

The wooden legs are as skillfully hidden under the chair frame as the Eldorado’s rear wheels. The seats just float!


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Mid-Century Modern