August 14, 2010

Flippin’ Step Stool

… or step chair, but it completes the Step Triumvirate (see Foldin‘ & Hoppin‘). Back off, it’s a stool.

My friend texted me an image of the same Cosco chair model at a reclaimed home goods store for about $45. Value Village had it for $12.99. I see everything twice.

Another take on the step stool, but this time the steps don’t move at all. Instead, the seat folds up to allow access to the steps. Sound like a good idea? It isn’t. The way the seat folds up, you lose one riser; most models use the seat as the highest step. Also, the designer chose to make the seat from a thin piece of vinyl over steel. Less than cozy on the ol’ stool. And the metal back was a better handle than a rest. But the structure is intriguing with its butterfly and hourglass shapes.


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