July 3, 2010

Army Jacobson

These obsessively ordered rows are comprised of Arne Jacobsen model 3107 chairs, first produced in 1955. Though some find modern Danish design to be cold, small light-weight chairs like these are important for creating a hygge dining experience because everyone can scoot really close to one another.

Jacobsen chairs (and their many imitators) are ubiquitous in Denmark, so I sat in a few while I was there and can report that they are pretty comfy. The back has just a little bit of spring, which is nice, and they are very scootable because they’re so light. They are not made for American-size asses, though, and I feel like the legs could splay a bit if you sat someone really fat in the chair, which might not be confidence inspiring. The cutouts in the lower back provide for alternate seating positions.

— Contributed by Pew! from his studies in Denmark


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  1. […] An inventive way to show off a beautiful design from Arne Jacobsen. […]

  2. Amen to the guide part. I concur wholeheartedly.


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